Friday, September 6

Salt Lake Comic Con

Talk about a crazy event! Things have been nuts here on the convention floor. For those of you visiting from my website,  if you're looking for fanart related things be sure to check out my tumblr too at Have a great con!


Wednesday, June 26

Tuesday, March 5

Somehow I don't think it's any secret that sometimes I just like designing characters.  Redesign of one of my personal project regulars, Camelia Caldwile.

Monday, February 18

Did I mention I love all things Egypt?

Painting for a personal project that pulled me out of a big general post graduation art rut. I haven't been this excited about my own stories in a long long time. Keep an eye out for more and check out my tumblr for sketches and the like over at:

I still need to add some hieroglyphics at some point.

Tuesday, February 5

Glyphic - M'ki

Trying to figure out a design for a personal project--critiques are more than welcome!

Sunday, December 2

It's waterbending time!

Legend of Korra fanart--find it on tumblr too! 

Thursday, November 29


Apparently this is what happens when I get fed up with homework.

Wednesday, November 28

Sugar Rush

Is it sad how much I want it to be a real game? 10 minute sketch in between projects at work.

Monday, November 12

I live! 

Sort of.

Thursday, November 8

American Literature!

Can anyone guess what/who each banner is referencing? Some are significantly more obvious than others.

Adventures in Biology - Finished at Last!

There were a LOT of banners for this course (though technically it counts as two) Each part of AP Bio required around 25+ lesson banners not counting objectives, welcomes, etc. Here are some of my favorites from the combined courses.

Friday, November 2

Trainer drawings for a few of my friends after they all had a bit of a rough day. May have gotten a little carried away, but I like to think it was worth it.


Been playing Black2 on the bus lately and drawing way too many of these guys. Abra/Kadabra have always been my favorites, even if Alakazam is the tank of the trio when it comes to battling.