Tuesday, March 24

Camera Happy

And other such ramblings.

Okay, so my roommate has an awesome digital camera that she let me borrow for my photography class, and let's just say I got a little carried away with it.  Can you blame me?  Taking pictures is fun!  Also, I managed to sneak in a few pictures of my figure drawings from class.  I definitely got some really funny looks while I was taking them. Makes me wish I could have drawn the reactions at the same time.  Anyway, here's the fun stuff!

These figure drawings turned out the best in that particular pad.   My favorites are definitely the bottom three I think.  
Goal for this week: finish more faces/hands/feet.

Also, here are some photos from my photography class. I wish I hadn't taken them when it was overcast, but with a little photoshop magic they don't really look it.  I hope.

  I had far too much fun with little yellow buttons....

And of course this little guy.  Don't you think the fire hydrant looks like a robot trying to give someone a hug?

Then again, I've been told I have a overactive imagination.....

Anyway, that's about it for today.

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