Monday, April 20


Don't you just hate it when you wake up the next day after binging on sweets only to discover you have a nasty case of dragon's breath?

I sure do!

Drawing for the "Y Not Art Blog" that I started. It's really starting to pick up, which is pretty darn awesome if you ask me! Especially since it was so....well, slow in the beginning.


  1. So nice, I'll comment twice.
    This is a really great drawr-ing! I love the little details (slippers, toothpaste, hair, etc.)

  2. I will too! Honestly I laughed at that amusing expression when I first saw this. Directly after I'm looking at this thing and feel totally baffled as to why you didn't get accepted into the animation major this month. Very solid, and tons of personality. You rock.

    More should join the Y Not Art group!

  3. Aaron! I never knew you were a poet!

    I do have fun with details. Originally she was wearing bunny slippers but they ran away when I wasn't looking.

    I totally agree Holly, more people SHOULD join our art group! After all, Y Not right? :)