Tuesday, June 9

I should be posting blog art....

This counts right? Not quite done coloring my pictures for the Y.Not blog, but I've been feeling like posting some of what I've been doing here at home. I came up with a new character for the Syft.ex story first of all, and I've had a lot of fun experimenting with her look. I think she'll be the only other feline themed character, at least for now, but that's off topic. (Ironically enough, a comment put me on a path of inspiration far from what I originally had in mind. I must say I like where it's going.)

I've also been doodling Syft a lot, though apparently I can't decide on a leg shape. Her ears and face on the other hand I love, especially since no matter what's she's feeling she always looks like she's scowling. Oh, I've also been doodling tree creatures after stumbling across some old sketches and story ideas. I really like drawing twisty shapes.


  1. These are awesome. You have some serious line skills.

  2. That seems to be the one comment that keeps popping up about my crazy strange drawings. Thanks Aaron! :D