Tuesday, July 14

Works in Progress and Other Art

Hopefully I'll manage to finish these before this weekend when things get really busy.

Played a little Okami this week. I plan on painting this up eventually, I just have to figure out how to get the look I want with an older version of photoshop.

Then worked a little on my cultures post for the Ynot artblog. Still deciding on final patterns and colors, but I like how the lines turned out for the most part minus a few tweaks, touch-ups, and other issues that'll be fixed in the final.

Then I scanned in my outlaw drawing. It was penciled and shaded on blank white computer paper. Technology loves me, the end.

Also, new character sheet. I've been browsing some Welsh books, some mythology books, and even some, you guessed it, Welsh mythology books. I've got a fun short story in the works that I want to try illustrating, we'll see how it works though. I need to figure out the human characters first among other things first. My favorite part is her feathered 'hand' tail. A weird drawing in my sketchbook inspired it when two completely unrelated drawings connected through implied lines. Freaky, but in a good way.


  1. sweet outlaw. i am excited to see that one

  2. I am too! Right now though he looks like my grandpa's evil twin....Not at all what I intended when I first sketched it out... ^_^;;