Wednesday, April 1

They've Taken My Sketchbook Hostage!

And my figure drawings, and my portfolio, and my.....

Seriously, I'm going through withdrawals or something.

  Today is the big day I suppose, everything
 has been turned in to the animation staff and submitted to intense scrutiny and probable hysterical laughter (and not in the good way).  Anyway, I'm really glad I got things turned in, I just hope that it turned out okay.  Worst comes to worst at least they'll be able to see improvement in some of the things I turned in anyway.  These past few months have been a huge learning experience, so now I get to wait and see how well that learning has paid off

I'm exited for everyone who turned in their applications today, and good luck to all of you!  We're going to need it.

Now for a really old, freaky drawing:

It sees all.....

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