Friday, November 6

More Random Projects

First is the mushroom teapot I designed for my intro to 3D modeling class. This thing devoured a lot of my time, but it was so much fun to work on, especially with everyone else in the labs at un-thinkable hours. This particular image is a little dark since my lighting isn't quite right, but I haven't gone back yet to take another 30 minutes to re-render it yet. My favorite parts to make oddly enough were the back cave wall and the water, both of which look much better in the adjusted lighting.

On another note, I REALLY miss having video games to play in my spare time. I also miss having spare time. Good thing I have a 'mellow' schedule planned this next semester. Wind Waker is such a fun little game. This is me if I were a character in it, and I have the sudden urge to draw myself in the style of ALL my favorite games. Now that's a project that would take a while.

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