Friday, November 6


Because sometimes one just needs to update a blog every now and then.

So, since clearly this this hasn't been updated for a while, I figured I'd post a few of the things I've been working on for my Storyboarding and digital painting classes. Here's the first little bunch, starting off with a short, rough comic about how crazy the dishes get in my apartment. I'm usually too busy living in the Cintiq and 3D labs to come home and eat, so it always amazes me how high the dishes pile up throughout the course of a single day. It's kind of insane really. I usually just end up stuffing it in the dishwasher....where it all belongs...

Next up we have one of the first projects in my Painter class. I've really learned a lot from Sam Nelson about light and painting digitally. I love all my classes, but this one is definitely a favorite. There's still a bunch of issues with this, like too dark shadows, etc. but for a first attempt it makes me happy. The character itself was drawn by Joe Olsen.

Next up are a few quick sketches of a character I designed for a similar painting project. The character, Bast, is roughly based off of ancient Egyptian myth (go figure right?) It seems I draw a lot of cats, but really, they're just the drawings that always end up turning out the best more often than not. Bast was developed for a short story about being in the right place at the right time, or vice versa as she soon discovers that the life of a temple cat isn't all it's cracked up to be when she is mistaken for a physical manifestation of the goddess herself. It's a fun little story I hope I can finish sometime in the near future. I'm still ironing out a lot of the details though, so it could be a while.

So until then, I'm content just working on getting this painting finished and giving her some actual fur and other details in the painting, also for Sam's class.

Talk about rambling. Just goes to show what happens when I don't update for a while huh?

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