Friday, April 3

Drawing and 2-D Design

Apparently I've been in a posting mood the past couple of days.  Needless to say I like the stuff in my previous posts more since they're more recent, but I haven't really had too much time to really sit down and draw something new.  So, being too burnt out with finals and animation applications, I decided to raid my art archives again for something to post.

Here's some other stuff from last semester, mostly drawing and 2D design assignments. I really wish I had some of my landscapes from high school out here, but transporting them on an airplane would be a nightmare...

Fun stuff perspective.  I had to end up taking out a lot of what I had planned to put in on this one because of the assignments time constraints.  I love the details in the wood, I only wish it would have photographed better, but all I had was a simple point and shoot camera at the time.

Value assignment.  I like how the top one turned out, merely because it looks a little like one of my favorite artists styles.  Anyone care to guess who? Also, I really wish graphite photographed better.  These are a little blurry, but as it is currently raining I don't intend on taking them outside to reshoot just now....

Line assignment, not much to say here other than I like the relationship between the countours at the bottom and the stippling/cross hatching up top.

Atmospheric perspective on small objects is tough, but fun.  My favorite thing about these seed pods was that they look like a bird-snake monster of sorts.

Fun twisty design.  The assignment was to make 1000 marks....I have a LOT more than 1000 marks. 


  1. Love the pods. Nicely done. Good luck with the animation app!

  2. I really like that lower design. Your beans are pretty great too.